Are you stuck in a rut and looking for new date night ideas for married couples? We get it. After years of marriage, date nights tend to either fall by the wayside or consist of a nice dinner out and that’s about it before you are yawning in each other’s face.

But the nice thing about date nights in middle age is that we don’t usually have to stress as much about finding a babysitter. And we usually aren’t lining up outside of a club at midnight either — unless you can dance like Shakira and J.Lo and if so, go for it lady!

In recent years we have found that the best dates aren’t the standard dinner out or Netflix and chill (probably because our teen is busy streaming episodes of The Flash at home.) We actually have a lot more fun when we have a day date, do happy hour instead of dinner, or mix it up with a fun activity. Double dates are also great at keeping the conversation and laughs flowing.

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Unique Date Night Ideas

To help you think beyond the dinner date, we did a little brainstorming about some of our favorite dates. These should be activities that you can find in most areas, but stay tuned because our editorial team is also working on date night ideas for certain cities too.

1. Visit a local brewery or winery

Head out to your local brewery or winery to do some taste testing. Check the website ahead of time to see if they are planning any special events like food trucks, live music, or festivals. This can also make a great day date or happy hour.

In the summer it is nice to bring a picnic (if that is allowed) and hang out on the grounds with a group of friends. In the winter, consider trying one or two local breweries or wineries — just be sure to Uber or pick a designated driver.

2. Take a food tour

It is fun to explore a new city with a food tour but it is also fun to play tourist in your home town or nearby city. Sign up for a food tour for a few hours of good eats, fun company, and sometimes even a couple of drinks. You may even end up discovering some new hidden gems!

3. Revisit the 80s at an arcade bar

Whether you are a pinball wizard or a Frogger fiend, arcade bars have brought back the games of our youth. Usually you can pay a cover charge for unlimited play, but some places might have a pay-to-play set up.

4. Go to brunch

Ditch the date NIGHT and go for the day date. A delicious brunch complete with mimosas and Bloody Marys can be a great way to slow down a busy weekend, hit the pause button and reconnect. Maybe you can even squeeze in brunch while the kids are at one of their activities.

5. Listen to live music

There are many places to enjoy live music without a concert ticket or crowds. Check local coffee shops, Irish pubs, Latin restaurants, or small music clubs. You can find everything from jazz to jigs to yacht rock to salsa. You may even be inspired to get up and dance.

6. Test your aim at an axe throwing bar

Axe bars are cropping up as fast as paint and wine places. Maybe it is time to get out aggression at the target and not each other. Bring another couple along for double the fun.

7. Plan a chef’s tasting dinner

Say so long to a regular dinner out. Kick it up a notch by booking a chef’s tasting dinner. Many restaurants offer a prix fixe chef’s tasting dinner as an alternative dining option, but for others you need to call ahead and pre-book.

8. Test your strength at an indoor climbing gym

If you are a couple that gets stronger when faced with a challenge, why not push yourselves and support each other with some indoor rock climbing. Check your local climbing gym for special events and climbing deals.

9. Make your own pub crawl

“Official” crawls tend to attract a bit of a younger crowd, but you don’t need someone telling you where to go to create your own pub crawl. Head out early before the evening crowds and pop into a few of your favorites, pairing a drink and a small plate at each stop.

And it doesn’t need to be pubs. You can decide to taste test the best wings, pizza, sushi, ramen, tapas, etc. in your area. Give yourselves a mission to find the very best and take a few weeks to sample a wide selection and “vote” on your favorites.

10. Seek out an “As Seen on TV” restaurant

Are you a fan of the Food Network? Find a local restaurant that has been featured on one of your favorite shows and go find out what the fuss is all about. Sometimes the local Diner, Drive in, or Dive can be a hidden gem that you never thought to try.

11. Race go karts

Are you competitive with your partner? Why not duke it out on the race track? The speed and the energy can be exhilarating. Much better than a boring dinner.

12. Take a long walk

When you need to have a good long talk with your significant other, there is no better setting than a nice long walk. With no other distractions you can talk things through. Even if you don’t have something to discuss, walking side by side may encourage you both to open to each other.

13. Pack a picnic

Pack a picnic or charcuterie board and head to the local park or beach to catch a sunset. A little fresh air is a nice way to destress at the end of the day or week.

14. Go for a bike ride

Look for ways to exercise together, whether it is a run, a bike ride, or even a yoga class. A bike ride can make a great afternoon date or weekday evening date. Even better if your bike path has somewhere you can stop off for a bite to eat on your way back home.

15. Watch an outdoor concert or movie in the park

Check the schedule for your community to make a calendar of outdoor concerts or movies in the park. Then grab a blanket, pack a picnic, and spray on the bug spray for an evening of entertainment. If you are packing wine, make sure to check for their open container rules.

Need more than a date night? How about these romantic getaway ideas:

Do you have any date night ideas for married couples? We would love to hear your favorites in the comments.

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